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We explore quality, innovation and success in publishing media.

Community Manager / Editor

We have an open position for an experienced Community Manager with excellent skills in editing and writing.

We are flexible in working conditions. It can be a part- or full-time job in our headquarters in Luxembourg (Europe) as well as long-term freelance mission anywhere else.


  • Manage our global community of media professionals, students, and passionate readers
  • Manage our network of contributors; edit and publish contributions
  • Manage our social channels
  • Write small contributions and announcements
  • Produce photography in our in-house studio (if located in Luxembourg)
  • Desktop Research

We expect you to be:

  • familiar with the challenges of the media industry
  • an opinionated media consumer
  • an entrepreneurial spirit, ready to join a media start-up

Please send your application to


Freelance Writers

We are looking to expand our network of experienced freelance writers specialized in the media industry and design.

We are looking for writers working in metropolitan areas worldwide that can cover either business or creative aspects of the industry, or both.


  • Conduct in-depth interviews with media professionals
  • Write analysis on media trends

Please send your application with text samples to


Media Research Interns

We are accepting students for internships in our headquarters in Luxembourg.


  • Desktop research
  • Prepare benchmarks
  • Write small contributions

Please send applications to